Anniversary in the Hunsrück

Fancy a little campfire story of long waves in the Hahnenbach and kangaroos at the bakery? For the first anniversary weekend from March 30 - April 2, we invited - in the context of our 10th anniversary (#lwawird10) - a few very experienced and long-time LWA participants to roam together through the Hunsrück.

The most important task was to pack a useless item. The result was an epic tour.

LWA Gründer Sebastian Schmidt © Land Water AdventuresAbout the author:

Sebastian, founder and owner of Land Water Adventures, and basically content as long as there is water on the stream, enough chocolate and nice people around him. There is also more about Sebastian here.

The cumulative multiday, expedition and whitewater experience of this group was then rattled and shaken by weather, water and conditions. Laughing in the rain, Pikachu and Kangaroo joined Vikings and humans in bathrobes, swim wings and clothing of bygone eras to conquer the red-nosed Hahnenbach.

At the campfire, on the trails and on the water, the atmosphere was incredible. Maybe the pictures in the gallery reflect that a little bit. To experience so much humor, community spirit and power at the same time was a privilege for us guides. I think we passed all the tests together. New hero stories were created and many old ones were told, and it was an honor for us, Jochen and me, to accompany this tour.
Thank you!

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