• Behind the scences

    Our adventure turns 10! Are you celebrating with us?

    The year 2023 will be a very special year here at Land Water Adventures, it is the year of our 10th anniversary. To highlight this year's specials and provide an overview of upcoming adventures before the season begins, we sent out a newsletter in mid-February that we'd like to keep online here for your perusal: Welcome to this not-so-normal year, welcome to our celebratory spirit - Because it's our round birthday! Our adventure is already 10 years old this season! In May 2013 Sebastian officially founded a small outdoor company, followed in 2014 by the first...

  • Landschaft der Soca, im Hintergrund unscharf zwei Packrafter
    Whitewater tours & trainings

    Soča 2022 - A look back

    It is still one of the most beautiful places in the world. We at Land Water Adventures have been in the Soča Valley every year for almost 10 years now, and every year when we go, we go with heavy hearts. We have already seen here the...

  • Drei Packrafter mit Hunden und großen Rucksäcken
    Hunsrück,  Nahe River

    Multiday Packrafting with Dog

    It is November 2021. A long and exciting season lies behind us, with tours and courses well into the fall. But it is not quite over yet. For the last time this year, adventurous packrafters will meet for a Multiday...

  • Packrafter auf der Salza unterwegs zwischen Felsen
    Whitewater tours & trainings

    Salza - On day 1 already in paradise

    The idea of exploring new waters again with LWA understandably has a certain appeal. And with Andi and Bjarne as whitewater guides, the fun factor is preprogrammed. That's why a small group of wave enthusiasts had already met at the Soča campfire the previous year....

  • Eine Gruppe Packrafter unterwegs auf der Vjosa in Albanien
    Albania,  Expeditions

    Vjosa Grandiosa – what a ride!

    A fit group of whitewater enthusiasts is drawn to Albania. Why? We are attracted by beautiful wild rivers. Is a river that winds through old cultivated land still wilderness? Yes, it is. Better said "it". With every bend in the river, the Vjosa exudes the feeling of...

  • Eine Gruppe Packrafter unterwegs auf der Saale
    Saale river

    Saale- You creamy piece!

    I was allowed to make my packraft premiere already in October 2021 at the Multiday Packrafting Course Hunsrück-Tour and fell in love here with the possibility of maximum freedom on water and on land. I also got to know and appreciate Johannes here. There sounded...

  • Packrafter auf einem Bach im verschneiten Hunsrück

    Hunsrück ice cold

    A few minutes ago, before opening the vestibule, I shook the snow cover from the inside of the tent. As I look out, I see a black and yellow shadow scurrying by: A participant on the path that everyone has to walk at some point, and who has her dry suit...

  • Packraft Camp auf Expedition Norwegen

    Sylan in Swedish

    The way into the Sylanmountains drags on. The backpacks, freshly filled with food, weigh heavily on every step. The small trails that lead us into the Norwegian-Swedish border area this year are new. For us. As the immediate run-up to the...

  • Packrafterinnen nebeneinander auf einem See in Norwegen unterwegs

    Packrafting Expeditionskurs 2021 – Schweden-Edition (Galerie)

    Anfang Juli 2021, irgendwo im schwedischen Fjäll: 6 begeisterte PackrafterInnen begeben sich zusammen mit unseren Guides Susanne und Jochen in ein intensives Abenteuer auf unserem Packrafting Expeditionskurs. Sieben Tage lang sind sie autonom unterwegs, zu Fuß und im Packraft, trainieren…