Team further training around whitewater

WRT Pro Weiterbildung Team © Land Water Adventures

We'll even jump in the freezing water for you!

In May a part of the LWA team used the short break between the Hunsrück courses in spring and the summer season to train or recertify as Whitewater Rescue Technician Pro in Switzerland. To do this, they threw themselves into the still cold water of the Swiss Inn Valley, with and without a throwing bag and packraft, sometimes in snowfall.

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Nature conservation at Land Water Adventures

LWA nature conservation © Land Water Adventures

A contribution by Susanne Blech, the LWA contact person for nature conservation, with a foreword by LWA founder Sebastian Schmidt.

Foreword - Why the preservation of wilderness is important to us: Whether on land or in the Packraft, for us, untouched places, wilderness and untamed nature are a very special attraction. These are the places that attract us and where we plan our adventures to. We want to give all our participants the special feeling of being on the move in such places, while preserving the wildness of nature and creating an awareness of the importance of its preservation.

Exerting as little influence as possible on nature wherever we are on our way, we have promised in our LWA conservation concept and commit all participants of our multi-day courses and expeditions to these guidelines.

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Soča: So much fun has to be! (German only)

balance is all that counts © Land Water Adventures

Ja klar, es sind intensive Wildwasser-Kurse die wir in Slowenien machen. Fahrtechnik, Paddelschläge, Techniken im Umgang mit Packrafts, die richtige Schokoladenmenge für die verschiedenen Wildwassergrade, oft auf die Strömung schauen und durch die Wellen surfen bis die Arme weich werden.

Und natürlich gibt es all die Bilder bei denen unsere Teilnehmer konzentriert in die nächste Welle schauend, mit Paddel in perfekter Haltung durch den Schwall springen.

Aber nicht nur, Spaß muss sein und darf neben all der Technik nie fehlen.

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Whitewater-Packrafting training Tyrol 2018

Packrafting Tirol Obere Isar © Land Water Adventures

Is Kaiserschmarrn a starter or main course?

We are dry again, helmets are dropped, our boats are lying next to our tents and it's starting to get dark slowly. On that friday evening a group of packrafters in good mood is sitting together after the first day of Advanced Wildwasser Packrafting Kurses in Tirol , pondering about Kaiserschmarrn. We will find a solution to this - and just order twice.

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Our pilot course whitewater packrafting in Tyrol

Wildwasserpackrafting auf dem Lech 2017 © Land Water Adventures

What a ride! We have spent four days in Tyrol' Lech Valley and in the Karwendel at the beginning of July. First, as a pre-course scouting session of the guide team, then with a group of LWA participants. And we will defintely return to this well-know spot for all kinds of watersports. The waves are just too good and the Kaiserschmarrn is way too delicious.

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Soča-Packrafting-Erlebnisse von A-Z (German only)

Packrafts auf der Soca © Land Water Adventures

Hey, hier schreibt Cora. Meines Zeichens seit Juli 2017 LWA-Teammitglied und seit anderthalb Jahren mit dem Packrafting-Virus infiziert. Und so war es nach mehreren Nahe-Erlebnistagen nicht mehr weit zu meinem ersten „großen“ Packrafting-Abenteuer: Dem Wildwasserkurs in den türkisfarbene Wellen der Soča. Im September 2017 war ich also endlich zum ersten Mal mit dabei in Slowenien. Continue reading „Soča-Packrafting-Erlebnisse von A-Z“