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Soča 2023 - Once different, beautiful as always

In the 10 years that I have been living this LWA adventure, few things have accompanied me as constantly as the annual feeling of arriving in the Soča Valley in late summer. Anyone who knows me knows that I am often drawn to places where no one is and few have been before. This Slovenian valley is my exception and no matter how often I arrive here and no matter how many people are here at the same time - it's always hard to leave.

LWA Gründer Sebastian Schmidt © Land Water AdventuresAbout the author:

Sebastian, founder and owner of Land Water Adventures, and basically content as long as there is water on the stream, enough chocolate and nice people around him. There is also more about Sebastian here.

And so I enjoyed saying hello to the turquoise water again this year, setting up the LWA camp and welcoming the first guests to our brand new LWA camp area in mid-August. The plans for this were drawn up last year and Andi and I immediately felt at home. Just like the LWA participants, that was our feeling.

Knut left us the following words about the course on Google after his participation this August, thank you very much:

10 beginners between 18 and over 60, all sporty, on the Soca in August 23. Here is my amateur summary, because I am also a beginner:

Basti and Andy are first-class teachers with a great deal of experience in group dynamics and sensitivities. I would never have thought that we could learn so much with the rafts in just 5 days. Everyone managed difficulties up to level 2. Those who could do more were also taken further.

A great pleasure. NOBODY had to be afraid of being too slow or too good for the two (performance) groups. Camp Toni was good. By camping together, we quickly formed a good-humored group. Definitely try it out if you want more than the big tourist rafts offer, of which there are rightly masses on the Soca. The Packrafts are great for beginners!"

And we were very happyto be there. Especially after Slovenia was badly hit by floods in the weeks leading up to the start of our courses and then by a lack of tourists even in the unaffected areas, we were particularly pleased to be able to bring so many people to this beautiful country, which has been close to our hearts for so many years and has always been so welcoming. We received a great deal of gratitude from our local partners.

What followed after setting up camp were weeks of fantastic conditions, the likes of which we rarely had during the entire course. The river was always turquoise with the best water levels. Not too little and not too much, with almost always bright sunshine. We sat outside in the camp on many evenings and enjoyed being able to spend these days like this. Sometimes everything just fits.


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