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Team further training around whitewater

We'll even jump in the freezing water for you!

In May a part of the LWA team used the short break between the Hunsrück courses in spring and the summer season to train or recertify as Whitewater Rescue Technician Pro in Switzerland. To do this, they threw themselves into the still cold water of the Swiss Inn Valley, with and without a throwing bag and packraft, sometimes in snowfall.

The content of this certification is about safety in white water, rescue techniques and teamwork for guides to achieve maximum safety for our guests in white water.

WRT Pro Weiterbildung Wildwasser © Land Water Adventures

A part of the contents, especially the aspects of personal safety in whitewater will be passed on to our guests, as in the last years, at the whitewater courses in Tyrol with safety training.

In the backdrop of still snow-covered Swiss mountains, the team's cosiness was of course not neglected, the evenings were full of raclette, wine and conversations, as long as they were not used for a night rescue scenario on the river.

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