The wild heart of Albania

LWA expert for nature conservation, Susanne Blech © Land Water AdventuresA post by Susanne Blech

Susanne is Land Water Adventures' contact person for nature conservation, expert for the environment and wilderness, guide for whitewater and expedition style, friendly, changing encyclopedia of nature and does not leave her tent without coffee.

The protection and preservation of wild landscapes is her passion and the project Albania within Land Water Adventures is a very personal concern for her. In August 2019 Susanne was on the spot, at the wild heart of Albania and writes down her impressions here.

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He bends down deeply to push the hand plough into the sun-dried, torn earth. A lean cow stands stoically next to him in the leather harness. A shepherd rides past leisurely on a donkey. It is noon and the high August sun burns relentlessly down on the farmer with his draught animal in the cloudless sky. Above the scenery lies a leaden heat and a great calm, enveloped in the never-ending, scraping sound of the cicadas. In the background, behind high piled yellow haystacks, a bright turquoise band winds its way through the deeply incised valley. Some impressions on the upper reaches of the Vjosa suddenly leave behind the feeling that time has stood still here in southeastern Albania, not far from the Greek border. Continue reading „Das wilde Herz Albaniens“

Nature conservation at Land Water Adventures

LWA nature conservation © Land Water Adventures

A contribution by Susanne Blech, the LWA contact person for nature conservation, with a foreword by LWA founder Sebastian Schmidt.

Foreword - Why the preservation of wilderness is important to us: Whether on land or in the Packraft, for us, untouched places, wilderness and untamed nature are a very special attraction. These are the places that attract us and where we plan our adventures to. We want to give all our participants the special feeling of being on the move in such places, while preserving the wildness of nature and creating an awareness of the importance of its preservation.

Exerting as little influence as possible on nature wherever we are on our way, we have promised in our LWA conservation concept and commit all participants of our multi-day courses and expeditions to these guidelines.

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Gedanken auf der Schmidtburg – LWA-Team-Treffen 2018 (German only)

LWA Team Treffen 2018 Schmidtburg © Land Water Adventures

Einen kurzen Moment halte ich inne. Es war ein besonderes, euphorisches Gefühl als ich vor fast 5 Jahren mit den ersten 3 Teilnehmern einer Hunsrück-Tour hier mit Booten auf den Schultern vom Hahnenbach aufgestiegen bin. Vieles hat sich verändert – aus 3 Teilnehmern sind 40 in 5 Hunsrück-Kursen dieser Saison geworden, aber eines bleibt: Dieser besondere Ort ist seit dem ersten Mal untrennbar mit LWA verbunden.

Um mich herum leuchtet nun der bunte Hunsrück in der Abendsonne und es könnte kaum einen besseren Ort dafür geben einen Abend mit den Menschen zu verbringen, die LWA ausmachen, mit dem Team das über die Jahre gewachsen ist.

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Frozen lakes - Polar circle expedition tour Packrafting Laponia 2018

Sweden's barren wilderness © Land Water Adventures

I'm surprised. I lie in a T-shirt in the sun, a mild breeze blows around my nose. Next to me lies Peter, reading and similarly lightly dressed, Ena and Jens walking dreamily through the wonderfully gentle landscape. It is the penultimate day of our journey through the Nordic wilderness, and everyone is positively surprised. Actually, the whole tour was a series of surprises, but this one is out of the ordinary.

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"This one is impassable" - Iceland packrafting expedition 2018

The strong winds of the previous evening have subsided.

It all looks like it's the morning of a rather short day. Over the past 4 days, we have worked out a time-cushion in this, for Icelandic conditions, good weather and now only have to go a short distance to the next river.
When we meet at 8 o'clock with packed backpacks for the morning briefing, none of us - and not even the maps - know the canyon that will change our route, we do not yet find fine lava sand in every part of our tents which the strong gusts this evening will bring us and we have not yet seen the raging stream, against whose crossing on foot or in the packrafts we will decide. We are on an expedition and this day will make that clear again.

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Packrafting Laponia – Expedition von Jannis und Peter (German only)

Die Idee zu dieser Tour entstand als wir uns durch dichtes Weidengestrüpp entlang des Donjek-Rivers im Kluane-Nationalpark kämpften, von der angeblich atemberaubenden Landschaft nicht mehr mitbekamen als tiefe Kratzer an den Oberarmen…

Die zerkratzten Oberarme gehören Jannis Gottwald und Peter Nauroth, deren Suche nach den Grenzen von Packraft-Trekking im Spätsommer 2015 wir euch hier vorstellen möchten – Packrafting Laponia.

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