When the deer cook dumplings

LWA Basics Trekking Food © Land Water Adventures

For a long time we have thought about and tinkered, brainstormed and rolled our thoughts. And then Johannes joined the team and it was clear to us: We'll do it now! A report about the premiere of our new LWA Basics course Trekking Food by guide and course leader Johannes.

The entry into being outside is actually so easy. Going out, done. And yet there is so much you seem to have to or can or should pay attention to. Getting an overview is difficult, but should not deter anyone from doing it anyway. For everyone who always wanted to camp, cook, hike or paddle outside, be it just a weekend or two weeks, we at Land Water Adventures have now started a series of courses under the name LWA Basics. The aim: to impart basic outdoor knowledge to beginners and also advanced. In nature and being outside you can never stop learning.

In these courses topics are treated, like: Reading maps, setting up tents, making fires, various equipment and of course food. What can I eat on the way? How do I keep this fresh? What is easy? How much food do I need for certain activities? It was precisely with this topic that we ended the LWA season in mid-October 2019 and opened a new chapter in the LWA offering.

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