Almost Alaska - Expedition Canada 2023

On glacial rivers through bear country

5 years and two months after Jannis and Peter had this idea, I look at the Donjek Glacier for the first time in my life, see the furrows in the ice, including broken pieces of ice that fall into the gray Donjek River and are carried away by it. Just like us, a bit later and a few kilometers downstream. When we put on our spray skirts the following morning, some of these small blocks of glacial ice will be floating next to us. Surreal.

It was to be one of the greatest adventures in LWA history. Many years of planning and preparation and suddenly there we are.

LWA Gründer Sebastian Schmidt © Land Water AdventuresAbout the author:

Sebastian, founder and owner of Land Water Adventures, and basically content as long as there is water on the stream, enough chocolate and nice people around him. There is also more about Sebastian here.

High passes, wild rivers, difficult and beautiful weather and creeks have accompanied us and always the feeling of: No one has ever been here except bears.

Mit dieser Bildergelarie und dem Video wollen wir ein Stück dieses Abenteuers erzählen.

Incidentally, we tell all the stories and anecdotes from this and other adventures at our irregularly held Wanderlust lecturesmore information can be found on the website

Ein paar Impressionen der Erstdurchführung unserer Kanada-Expedition gibt es auf Youtube.

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