Packrafting Expedition Iceland 2019

And again it is unusually warm for the start. And - even more unusual - calm. Since 2016, however, for the first time again little pests buzz around us on our first steps through the lava sand.

On a similar route to the one we explored 2018 we start the 7 self-sufficient days on Iceland and are soon caught by the silence the so-called Superjeep left behind when it returns without us.

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LWA live – Vorträge in Slowenien und Leipzig im Mai (German only)

Packsystemworkshop Packrafting beim European Packrafting Meet-up 2019 © Land Water Adventures

Wisst ihr was? LWA gibt es auch mal (fast) ohne Wasser. Selten, das geben wir zu. Ok, sehr selten. Aber ab und an kommt das vor und wir reisen nicht, um zu paddeln. Sondern um vom Paddeln (und Packen) zu erzählen. So zum Beispiel an einem verlängerten Wochenende Anfang Mai 2019. Da war Sebastian nämlich zwischen Slowenien und Leipzig unterwegs, von der Sonne in den Schnee und zwischen Expeditionsworkshop und Expeditionsvortrag.

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That was 2018 - a season in group photos

conclusion of Hunsrück 2 © Land Water Adventures

Rarely does an anecdote not have anything to do with the people with whom we were on the road during the season. Even though we visit many places several times during the months, it is different every time, because there are always other people following us into the adventure.

Some of them you can see on the pictures several times, they laugh from the waves at Lech in Tyrol, later with Lavasand on the face on Iceland and then on Nahe river on a beautiful autmn day at the end of the season.

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"This one is impassable" - Iceland packrafting expedition 2018

The strong winds of the previous evening have subsided.

It all looks like it's the morning of a rather short day. Over the past 4 days, we have worked out a time-cushion in this, for Icelandic conditions, good weather and now only have to go a short distance to the next river.
When we meet at 8 o'clock with packed backpacks for the morning briefing, none of us - and not even the maps - know the canyon that will change our route, we do not yet find fine lava sand in every part of our tents which the strong gusts this evening will bring us and we have not yet seen the raging stream, against whose crossing on foot or in the packrafts we will decide. We are on an expedition and this day will make that clear again.

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