That was 2018 - a season in group photos

conclusion of Hunsrück 2 © Land Water Adventures

Rarely does an anecdote not have anything to do with the people with whom we were on the road during the season. Even though we visit many places several times during the months, it is different every time, because there are always other people following us into the adventure.

Some of them you can see on the pictures several times, they laugh from the waves at Lech in Tyrol, later with Lavasand on the face on Iceland and then on Nahe river on a beautiful autmn day at the end of the season.

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Frozen lakes - Polar circle expedition tour Packrafting Laponia 2018

Sweden's barren wilderness © Land Water Adventures

I'm surprised. I lie in a T-shirt in the sun, a mild breeze blows around my nose. Next to me lies Peter, reading and similarly lightly dressed, Ena and Jens walking dreamily through the wonderfully gentle landscape. It is the penultimate day of our journey through the Nordic wilderness, and everyone is positively surprised. Actually, the whole tour was a series of surprises, but this one is out of the ordinary.

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Packrafting Laponia – Expedition von Jannis und Peter (German only)

Die Idee zu dieser Tour entstand als wir uns durch dichtes Weidengestrüpp entlang des Donjek-Rivers im Kluane-Nationalpark kämpften, von der angeblich atemberaubenden Landschaft nicht mehr mitbekamen als tiefe Kratzer an den Oberarmen…

Die zerkratzten Oberarme gehören Jannis Gottwald und Peter Nauroth, deren Suche nach den Grenzen von Packraft-Trekking im Spätsommer 2015 wir euch hier vorstellen möchten – Packrafting Laponia.

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