"This one is impassable" - Iceland packrafting expedition 2018

The strong winds of the previous evening have subsided.

It all looks like it's the morning of a rather short day. Over the past 4 days, we have worked out a time-cushion in this, for Icelandic conditions, good weather and now only have to go a short distance to the next river.
When we meet at 8 o'clock with packed backpacks for the morning briefing, none of us - and not even the maps - know the canyon that will change our route, we do not yet find fine lava sand in every part of our tents which the strong gusts this evening will bring us and we have not yet seen the raging stream, against whose crossing on foot or in the packrafts we will decide. We are on an expedition and this day will make that clear again.

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Whitewater-Packrafting training Tyrol 2018

Packrafting Tirol Obere Isar © Land Water Adventures

Is Kaiserschmarrn a starter or main course?

We are dry again, helmets are dropped, our boats are lying next to our tents and it's starting to get dark slowly. On that friday evening a group of packrafters in good mood is sitting together after the first day of Advanced Wildwasser Packrafting Kurses in Tirol , pondering about Kaiserschmarrn. We will find a solution to this - and just order twice.

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My first time multiday packrafting

Mit Packraft auf dem Soonwaldsteig © Land Water Adventures

More than 20 kilos? A little bit perplexed I stand on the tent meadow at Nahe river, taking a critical look at my backpack. Hmpf... Hey, actually there are only a few things in my backpack.

My boat. Paddle. Drysuit. Breakfast. The cooker. A pot. Water. My sleeping bag. Our little tent. Dry clothes to change. Chocolate. The dry bag. Even more chocolate. Neoprene shoes and socks. The Hardshell jacket. All right, so this is my first learning on this sunny day at the end of April: Reducing weight with a boat in your backpack is no luxury. 😉

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Saisoneröffnung an der Nahe 2018 (German only)

Packrafting Nahe am Rheingrafenstein © Land Water Adventures

Wow, was für ein Start in die Nahe-Saison 2018!

Vier Tage tolles frühsommerliches Wetter hatten wir Ende April mit Wasser auf dem Bach, viel Sonnenschein, ein paar Regenschauernn für spritzige Pegel, lustige Junggesellinnen und viele neugierige Neu-Packrafter. Und wir haben gesehen: Unsere Teilnehmer lachen auch im Regen, wenn die Welle hält! Mit Enten-Eskorte, bunten Booten und gut gelaunten Teilnehmern sind wir wieder zurück am Rotenfels angekommen.

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Outdoor Erste Hilfe-Kurs mit der Outdoorschule Süd e.V. (German only)

Gruppenbild Erste Hilfe Outdoor Kurs © Land Water Adventures

Ein greller Schrei gellt vom Ufer der Nahe quer über die Zeltwiese während ich gerade mein Zelt abbaue. Ich schaue alamiert rüber zu Sebastian, der eben sein Auto belädt. Ein zweiter Schrei, dann stürzt ein Mann aus dem Gebüsch unterhalb der Zeltwiese. „Schnell, Hilfe!“ brüllt er uns entgegen. Wir laufen los.

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Our pilot course whitewater packrafting in Tyrol

Wildwasserpackrafting auf dem Lech 2017 © Land Water Adventures

What a ride! We have spent four days in Tyrol' Lech Valley and in the Karwendel at the beginning of July. First, as a pre-course scouting session of the guide team, then with a group of LWA participants. And we will defintely return to this well-know spot for all kinds of watersports. The waves are just too good and the Kaiserschmarrn is way too delicious.

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