Alpen in besonderen Zeiten – Freestyle Packrafting in Bayern und Tirol

A contribution from Sebastian, founder and owner of LWA. He gives a brief insight into how we, together as a team and with the support of a unique community of participants, are manoeuvring LWA through this special 2020.

2019: A short look back

Sometimes, to tell a story in its entirety, you have to go back a little. At the beginning of July 2019, extraordinary Tyrol courses were behind us - or so we thought. The following year, this 2020, which we will all probably remember for a long time, was to show that there was still room for improvement in the extraordinary.

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Our campfire- and screen-adventure-evenings (German only)

Leinwand-Abenteuervorträge während der Wildwasserkurse © Land Water Adventures

Abende am Lagerfeuer, Zusammensitzen, Geschichten und Gemütlichkeit gehören zu unseren Wildwasser Packrafting Kursen in Tirol und an der soca genauso dazu wie Theorie, Praxis und einfach Spaß und Action im Wildwasser.

Wenn es dann dunkel ist auf dem Camp, man vielleicht sogar noch ein wenig den Bach rauschen hört, erzählen wir gern von den Abenteuern und Expeditionen der Saison und schauen auf die nächsten Jahre.

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That was 2018 - a season in group photos

Hunsrück 2 Abschluss © Land Water Adventures

Rarely does an anecdote not have anything to do with the people with whom we were on the road during the season. Even though we visit many places several times during the months, it is different every time, because there are always other people following us into the adventure.

Some of them you can see on the pictures several times, they laugh from the waves at Lech in Tyrol, later with Lavasand on the face on Iceland and then on Nahe river on a beautiful autmn day at the end of the season.

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Whitewater-Packrafting training Tyrol 2018

Packrafting Tirol Obere Isar © Land Water Adventures

Is Kaiserschmarrn a starter or main course?

We are dry again, helmets are dropped, our boats are lying next to our tents and it's starting to get dark slowly. On that friday evening a group of packrafters in good mood is sitting together after the first day of Advanced Wildwasser Packrafting Kurses in Tirol , pondering about Kaiserschmarrn. We will find a solution to this - and just order twice.

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Our pilot course whitewater packrafting in Tyrol

Wildwasserpackrafting auf dem Lech 2017 © Land Water Adventures

What a ride! We have spent four days in Tyrol' Lech Valley and in the Karwendel at the beginning of July. First, as a pre-course scouting session of the guide team, then with a group of LWA participants. And we will defintely return to this well-know spot for all kinds of watersports. The waves are just too good and the Kaiserschmarrn is way too delicious.

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