The wild heart of Albania

LWA Ansprechpartnerin Naturschutz, Susanne Blech © Land Water AdventuresA post by Susanne Blech

Susanne is Land Water Adventures' contact person for nature conservation, expert for the environment and wilderness, guide for whitewater and expedition style, friendly, changing encyclopedia of nature and does not leave her tent without coffee.

The protection and preservation of wild landscapes is her passion and the project Albania within Land Water Adventures is a very personal concern for her. In August 2019 Susanne was on the spot, at the wild heart of Albania and writes down her impressions here.

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He bends down deeply to push the hand plough into the sun-dried, torn earth. A lean cow stands stoically next to him in the leather harness. A shepherd rides past leisurely on a donkey. It is noon and the high August sun burns relentlessly down on the farmer with his draught animal in the cloudless sky. Above the scenery lies a leaden heat and a great calm, enveloped in the never-ending, scraping sound of the cicadas. In the background, behind high piled yellow haystacks, a bright turquoise band winds its way through the deeply incised valley. Some impressions on the upper reaches of the Vjosa suddenly leave behind the feeling that time has stood still here in southeastern Albania, not far from the Greek border. Continue reading „Das wilde Herz Albaniens“

We proudly present: The LWA Team (German only)

Team-Gruppenbild-Schmidtburg © Land Water Adventures

Wer sind die Menschen, die für LWA stehen? Mit diesem Blogbeitrag möchten wir euch die Team-Mitglieder und somit den Kern und das Herz von LWA vorstellen. Für unsere Social Media-Kanäle wie auch für diesen Blog ist eigentlich Cora verantwortlich. Die folgenden Texte zu den Team-Mitglieder sind allerdings ein im LWA-Team gewachsenes Gemeinschaftswerk. Wir wünschen viel Spaß beim Lesen und freuen uns, bald wieder mit euch in die Wellen eintauchen zu können!

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Nature conservation at Land Water Adventures

LWA Naturschutz © Land Water Adventures

A contribution by Susanne Blech, the LWA contact person for nature conservation, with a foreword by LWA founder Sebastian Schmidt.

Foreword - Why the preservation of wilderness is important to us: Whether on land or in the Packraft, for us, untouched places, wilderness and untamed nature are a very special attraction. These are the places that attract us and where we plan our adventures to. We want to give all our participants the special feeling of being on the move in such places, while preserving the wildness of nature and creating an awareness of the importance of its preservation.

Exerting as little influence as possible on nature wherever we are on our way, we have promised in our LWA conservation concept and commit all participants of our multi-day courses and expeditions to these guidelines.

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That was 2018 - a season in group photos

Hunsrück 2 Abschluss © Land Water Adventures

Rarely does an anecdote not have anything to do with the people with whom we were on the road during the season. Even though we visit many places several times during the months, it is different every time, because there are always other people following us into the adventure.

Some of them you can see on the pictures several times, they laugh from the waves at Lech in Tyrol, later with Lavasand on the face on Iceland and then on Nahe river on a beautiful autmn day at the end of the season.

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Outdoor Erste Hilfe-Kurs mit der Outdoorschule Süd e.V. (German only)

Gruppenbild Erste Hilfe Outdoor Kurs © Land Water Adventures

Ein greller Schrei gellt vom Ufer der Nahe quer über die Zeltwiese während ich gerade mein Zelt abbaue. Ich schaue alamiert rüber zu Sebastian, der eben sein Auto belädt. Ein zweiter Schrei, dann stürzt ein Mann aus dem Gebüsch unterhalb der Zeltwiese. „Schnell, Hilfe!“ brüllt er uns entgegen. Wir laufen los.

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